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P90x is a DVD 90 day workout system that works different parts of the body on different days and alternates strength training and cardio workouts, plus a little yoga and martial arts.  For more information and the full sales pitch … Continue reading

Roller Derby Workout with the Heart Attacks

One of my yoga clients and friends told me about this workout…and of course I couldn’t resist.  After P90x, bootcamps and jillian michael’s DVDs, how hard could it be?  I will note that I did the workout sans rollerskates. The … Continue reading

Crystal Light Pure Fitness

As a yoga teacher, occasionally I get the opportunity to distribute samples of products to my clients.  Sometimes I receive what I would call “pseudo healthy” samples that I don’t pass along to my clients – those 100 calorie cookies … Continue reading

Healthier Sports Drinks: Recharge & Coconut Water

I grew up on Gatorade.  I will admit that I often sipped the glass intended to refresh my dad while he mowed our lawn.  Strangely, I liked the taste, even when I wasn’t exercising rigorously.  And that’s when there were … Continue reading

Wellness Junkie’s Top Ten Wellness Faves of 2009

1. P90X – love this workout system! And yes, I’ve been on and off with my consistency…but it definitely delivers results. Wellness Junkie Post To learn more… 2. Hemp Protein Powder – As I research more, I’m learning it’s so … Continue reading