My Wellness Junkie Experience:

My first experience with NAET (Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique) happened over 7 years ago.  I was on a girls’ trip with my college friends in Santa Fe, NM.  It was a bachelorette spa weekend (I was the bride).  My friend Tracy is a wellness junkie as well and had been doing NAET treatments for awhile.  So she thought she’d pass it along to us.  Part of the allergy testing and treatment involved holding a vial of the substance you’re being tested/treated for.  But for our impromptu/demonstration purposes, my friend proceeded to muscle test us in a Santa Fe bar by merely saying the words (“wheat”, “mold”, “dust”) to evaluate our wellness levels. I came away thinking this is too weird for me. Maybe I wasn’t a certified wellness junkie quite yet.

Fast forward 6 years – after dabbling in holistic therapies, acupuncture, nutritional changes, etc…a holistic wellness practitioner that I respected & admired suggested that I try NAET.  The real experience of testing and treatment was far different and much more effective than our musings in Santa Fe.  And yes, it’s a little strange.  As you hold certain substances in your hand and hold out a strong arm, the NAET practitioner will try to press your arm down. All the will in the world won’t keep your arm lifted if it’s a substance that’s negatively affecting you. Strange.  Then, once you have the list of things that you need to be “treated for”, each week you get treated for 1 or 2 things on the list.  The treatment involves holding the said vials of items, deep breathing, holding the vials a little longer and then a little acupressure work.  After you leave the office you have an avoidance period — a certain number of hours where you are to avoid those substances or components.

Each treatment period is different. Some don’t seem to affect me at all…others feel like they will never end. But…eventually they do. And when I ‘clear’ the thing I’m being treated for, it’s like a veil lifting.

For me, I don’t have true food allergies – but more food intolerances and environmental allergies. Yes,  it might seem strange, but as my husband continues to say (I’ve been doing NAET almost a year), you can’t argue with the results.  I’ve seen improvements in my ability to eat almost all foods in moderation (whereas before I had a lengthy list to avoid).  I’ve seen improvements in my hormone balance, digestion, fewer to no headaches, less fatigue, more energy and I’ve lost about 10 lbs (this may have more to do with more energy & more exercise – but either way – I’m not complaining!)

NAET has definitely become part of my regular wellness routine…graduated up from just an occasional wellness junkie fix.


For more info: You can learn more technical information about NAET, and who may benefit from treatment. You can also search for a practitioner near you.

In Kansas City, I go to Sandra Karr with offices in Mission & Lee’s Summit: 913 – 432-3602. She also does attunement, craniosacral therapy and lymphatic drainage.


3 responses to “NAET

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  2. Hi there,
    I went to my first NAET treatment yesterday. (and blogged about it today!)
    I’m feeling pretty good about the whole thing but I’m wondering how many times you had to go before you saw results? It seems so expensive to go to all these treatments!

    • It really depended on what I was being treated for…going through the basics, there were some where I really noticed a difference in energy level, allergy symptoms (congestion, sinuses) and other weeks where I didn’t really seem to notice a change…I definitely noticed that I felt better after a few weeks. Now that I’m through with the major ones, I go less often – 1-2x/month instead of every week… hope that helps….check back in and let us know how it goes….all the best!

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